The best Capital One credit cards of 2019

  One big plus of all Capital One cards is that there are no foreign transaction fees, making them all decent choices for using abroad. But from there, Capital One cards come with a wide variety of rewards, features and perks. If you’re looking to narrow it down, we’ve rounded up the best credit cards that Capital One has to offer and uncovered what makes each one wallet-worthy.

Best for rewards: Capital One® Savor® Cash Rewards Credit Card

Best for business: Capital One® Spark® Cash for Business

American Express credit cards

American Express is the smallest of the three major credit card companies in Canada, in terms of how many credit cards it offers and where they are accepted. The company currently offers four personal credit cards in just its own name – not attached to any outside partners – as well as a few business credit cards, and a number of rewards credit cards with their partners. The 4 personal credit cards American Express offers are its 2 x SimplyCash Cards, the American Express Gold Rewards Card and the Platinum Card. The SimplyCash Cards are cash back credit cards that offer as much as 5% cash back for the first 6 months, then 1.25-1.5% afterwards. The American Express Gold Rewards Card is one of the most popular American Express credit cards in Canada, as it comes with a welcome bonus of 25,000 Membership Rewards points (which can be redeemed to cover travel expenses) and offers double points on eligible purchases. Finally, the Platinum Card is the most high-end credit card in Canada, as its $699 annual fee gives you 50,000 Membership Rewards points and access to the First Tier of American Express’ Membership Rewards Program.

Your Best Credit Cards

The Best Canadian Credit Cards Finding the best credit cards in Canada It’s no secret – you’re looking for something stable, flexible, reliable and of course, something that supports you and your spending habits. It’s true, finding the best credit card sounds a lot like finding the perfect partner – and every so often, it can be overwhelming. Similar to dating, finding the best credit card in Canada can take time – especially if you aren’t exactly sure what’s important to you as a consumer. The best credit card for you may not be the first option you see on the market, so take your time, learn about the options and ask yourself what you want out of a potential credit card. If you’re in the market for a new credit card or just simply want to compare how your current card stacks up to Canada’s top credit cards, check out’s comparison tool today.

Credit Card Essentials

While no two credit cards offer identical benefits and rates, they do make spending easy.
When you make a purchase with your credit card, you use a portion of your credit limit and when it hits your account it’s referred to as your credit card balance. Once you make a payment toward your balance, more credit is made available to you. In order to avoid late-payment penalties on your credit card balance, you must pay a minimum payment by a certain date each month. Even though you have the option to pay down your credit card balance in installments, we recommend you pay off your balance in full every month. If you only pay the minimum month-to-month, you may accrue hundreds of dollars in avoidable fees over the course of the year.